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Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies National Dong Hwa University
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  • 用地圖說故事:七星潭OSM Mapping Party


1.七星潭Mapping Party Day1社區交流篇 (Created with @Magisto)

2.七星潭Mapping party Day1坑道篇 (Created with @Magisto)

3.七星潭Mapping party Day2 Team1 (Created with @Magisto)

4.七星潭mapping party Day2 Team3 (Created with @Magisto)

5.七星潭mapping party Day2 Team4 (Created with @Magisto)

6.七星潭mapping party Day2 坑道測量 (Created with @Magisto)

7.七星潭mapping party Day2繪圖時間 (Created with @Magisto)

8.七星潭mapping party Day3成果發表 (Created with @Magisto)