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Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies National Dong Hwa University
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Asia-Pacific Area Studies

Division of Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies (All English Taught)


ý About Division of APAS
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at National Donghwa University offers graduate training in Asia-Pacific Area Studies.

The division in Taiwan and Regional Studies department aims to bring a broad interdisciplinary focus on the single case or comparative study of Asia-Pacific region.

Which is designed to be a two-year English-taught program that provides an intensive exposure to the contemporary issues of humanities and social sciences with geographical focus on Taiwan and the rest of Asia-Pacific region. The Program is best for those who plan to enter related professions, mid-career professionals, and those who intend to enter doctoral programs in related fields.


ý Faculty and Staff

The APAS  has cooperated with professors from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University, providing the students the international and interdisciplinary perspective on a broad scope of subjects focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.


ý Curriculum Design  Review

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Curriculum design_2012 year

Curriculum design_2013 year

Curriculum design_2014 year

Curriculum design_2015 year

Curriculum design_2016 year

Curriculum design_2017 year

Curriculum design_2018 year


ý Degree Requirements</table>

1. A minimum of 32 graduate credits are required for the master's degree. The master's thesis is expected to make a substantial contribution to this profession. Each student will be given a final oral examination based on the contents of the thesis.
2. To complete the on-line test (The Passing score: 85 )  from the system of Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education.